Photograph taken by Daria

Photograph taken by Daria

pamela Garcia-Aguirre

Pamela Garcia-Aguirre is an editorial, documentary and fine art photographer who currently resides in Los Angeles. Growing up in California she discovered her passion for art at an early age. She later moved to San Francisco to pursue photography and art full-time.

Influenced by the world around her , Pamela enjoys capturing and creating stories with a cinematic approach.
Fascinated by the strange and magical moments in time, she is inspired by the ancient mysteries of art history, nature, life, sociology, and the magic of cinema.

Being comfortable on set and in front of the camera has led to collaborations and digital appearances – with recent collaborations with Lola Blanc and Vice.

As well as working on her personal work, she enjoys painting, acting, filmmaking, web design, writing, and creating books.