taken by Devlin Gandy

taken by Devlin Gandy


Pamela Garcia-Aguirre

Pamela Garcia-Aguirre is an artist who currently resides Los Angeles. Growing up in California she discovered her passion for photography and art at an early age. She later moved to San Francisco to pursue art full-time before making LA her home.

Influenced by elements of old masters in painting, philosophy, and film. Pamela enjoys documenting life, and creating art with a cinematic and fine art approach.

Being comfortable on set and in front of the camera has led to collaborations and digital appearances – with recent collaborations with VogueItalia and Vice.

As well as working on her personal work, she enjoys collaboration with artists and photographing anything from a wedding to a fine art project. She enjoying creating in many different mediums including painting, filmmaking, music, modeling, acting, and designing accessories and clothing.