Starring @andrewgingurin
Make Up + Prothstetics by: @ashmua_

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Homage to F. W. Murnau, Max Schreck, and Bram Stoker's "Dracula”


Angels and Demons

Living on the East Coast was definitely a surreal and beautiful experience. Quietly powerful.
My only regret is that I didn’t accept that Enrico Caruso Record when I had the chance.


IFE (love) Fashion Film


Make Up Artist - Mimi Samuel
Actor - Ben Furney
Actress - Miss Ebi
Director/DP/Editor - Pamela Garcia-Aguirre
Stylist - Miss Ebi
Music - Po' me Floanne

MINX the Label

A fashion film for the brand "Minx the Label".

Producer + Director  – Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku
Creative Director – Brooke Etebu
Director of Photography – Nick Ramsey
1st Assistant Cameraman – Jordan Fliehler
Editors – Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku & Pamela Aguirre Garcia
Colorist – Martin Asselin
Models - Zoe BaiYue Yao Li,
Jenny Marie Mitchell & Pamela Aguirre Garcia
Makeup Artist – Adriana V. Herrera
Music By – Yaya (prod. Tey Chaplin)


Photography by Pamela Garcia-Aguirre
Photo bottom left taken by Nick Ramsey.



BERRIES (A Journey Through Time and Space)

Starring, and Directed by Ebyie Ikuku, The Angel of Death, and myself.  What better way to spend the hot days in the Valley than with an experimental film day.