'Nymphs in the Desert'
Behind the Scenes


Virginia Rand
Joshua Tree, 2017

The Making of 'Mother Pulls' by WAR TWINS

Being in the thick of the plastic factories, liquor markets, abandoned homes, and hidden history
we travelled by canoe to the last natural island, and piece of land that was not touched yet by corporate America. There were many political issues surrounding this island, and many wanted to create it into a golf course, or resort of some kind. As I was walking on the island I was told that there used to be a theme park on the island, and homes. There were many things left behind, old, rusted, and thriving with history.
On my journey in the East I had the pleasure of meeting some energetic souls from Philly & Boston known as WAR TWINS  (originally called 'Little War Twins', and founded by singer/songwriter Gaetana Brown and drummer/producer James Grey. ) This experience of helping them create their music video for 'Mother Pulls' was a truly mind opening and magical moment in time. Go check out their world filled with rock n roll, and experimental passion.


'SUCCESS' an Ebiye Ikuku Film - Behind the Scenes

One thing that I truly love about being in Los Angeles, is the amount of creative passion there is with film and artistic creation here, and how many people are truly inspired, and inspiring the world through being who they are, and collaborating on the larger masterpiece we call art. Photographing this crew and group behind the scenes was a truly magical experience. Thank you everyone who helped make this film possible.

Viva la cinema! 

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